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Pacific Office Chair Reinvents Chair Design, Wins Over Apple

2018-01-02 09:46:51

There’s a new incredible office chair making the rounds in the business community, and it’s reinventing the way people are thinking about how they buy the best office chairs (read about our top chairs here).

The company is called Vitra, the chair is called the Pacific (fancy office chairs get fancy names), and it’s popular enough that Jony Ive, the chief design office for Apple, bought the very first one available and eventually made them a mainstay in Apple’s gleaming, cult-like new headquarters

So, what’s good enough for Apple’s giant spaceship? The Pacific is an interesting sort of chair, with a different design philosophy than the popular office chairs of past years. When you look at it, your first thought is probably, “Oh.” It has a sharp, sweeping appearance that doesn’t exactly look comfortable, and that’s part of the point.

The Pacific is a new, simple kind of chair that’s not really designed for computer time.

You can read more about the design if you’d like, but here’s the premise: Past office chairs were designed with the idea that people were going to be spending a whole lot of hours in them, getting some serious computer work done. They were designed for minute, manual customization, comfort, support, and ergonomics for long periods of work.

The Pacific…is not. Instead, it’s designed around the philosophy that many of today’s workplaces are fast moving environments where people fill different roles and don’t spend a lot of time sitting down. These chairs are designed for active conversations, energetic art or design work, fast-paced meetings, and getting things done.

That philosophy extends to other features the chair has, as well: You customize a lot of when you first order the chair, and much less when it arrives: Most of the mechanical components are entirely hidden by the backrest. This leaves you will choices for just three different heights, light or dark colors, and movable or immovable armrests.

If this stark, movement-oriented approach sounds good to you, you can get a Pacific hair for only around $1,200. Just make sure it’s exactly what you want!